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Our Doggy Daycare Service

Here at Wellie Dogs, we love the great outdoors and your dog will love it too with lots of outdoor play! If your dog loves being outside and running around with their friends in a secure environment, then Wellie Dogs daycare is the place for them!


Wellie Dogs is a fully licensed & insured daycare with a strong outdoor focus, We can cater to dogs of all sizes small or large and ages, old or young. We believe dogs should be allowed to be dogs in the most natural environment, where they can be stimulated, exercised and challenged throughout their day.

We believe it's important that our dogs split their time between activities that are physically stimulating, mentally stimulating and ‘down time’.

This is achieved through:

  • Interaction & play with other dogs 

  • Running around in our secure field playing ball games with members of staff

  • Practicing balance & coordination on our agility equipment 

  • Scent games 

  • Basic obedience & focus work 

  • Interactive toys 

Down Time is important as dogs need plenty of sleep and rest in order for them to be happy and enjoy a balanced lifestyle. Puppies, young dogs & older dogs in particular need more downtime than adult dogs which we are able to accommodate.


The benefits of daycare include:

  • Confidence building

  • Promotes calm behavior in the home

  • Helps with separation anxiety

  • Human contact with new people

  • Socialisation

  • Peace of mind

  • Exercise & Fitness


Prices and Options


Wellie Dogs Walks, Barkers Hollow Road, Dutton, Warrington WA4 4LW, UK


Thank You, We Will Be In Touch Soon!

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