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Dominate the Game - Acquire WoW SOD Gold Today!

Fishing is a relaxing, low movement profession that can yield a decent amount of gold per hour. It is especially useful when waiting for dungeons or PvP queues. It can also be a great way to pass the time while leveling another profession.

1. Gathering Professions

Herbalism, Mining, and Skinning are gathering professions that provide a steady income through resource collection. They can also be combined to maximize profit, such as Herbalism with Alchemy.

These professions are great for those looking to make gold while they wait for dungeons or PvP to begin. They can be done alone or in groups, depending on the player’s preferences and class. They are also ideal for those who are new to the game and want to start making gold while leveling their character.

The best way to increase your earnings is by using an addon that will automatically bid and repost on the AH, saving you time. In addition, players can use group farming to get more mobs killed faster. The demand for Herbalism is currently high, as well as the new raw materials like Zaralek Glowspores and Obsidian Cobraskin which will be in high demand in Season 3. You can also find good money by farming Rares for Disenchanting.

2. Crafting Professions

Unlike the gathering professions Herbalism, Mining and Skinning, crafting professions transform these valuable resources into useful items that can be sold on the Auction House. This includes armor, weapons and consumables such as potions and flasks. Crafting professions like Alchemy, Blacksmithing and Leatherworking offer the most profitable ways to make gold in WoW Season of Discovery.

The first tier of crafting professions are the cheaper to level, which makes them great for those looking to get started quickly and easily. The lowest priced of these is Tailoring, whose main fabric, Wildercloth, is available for only a few silver per piece on the Auction House. Tailoring also has the added benefit of generating lots of Rousings and Crafted Bags, which can be disenchanted for even more gold.

Another great addon for crafters is CraftSim, which provides profit calculations for all auctionable items based on material price info. It can also be used to find the most lucrative work orders, simulating your top gear for a given profession and more!

3. Fishing

Fishing may not be the most efficient gold making profession but it is a relaxing and fun way to make money in WoW. It can be done while waiting for dungeons or PVP queues and requires minimal movement. It is also a great alternative to the cooking profession which can be a bit monotonous. With the upgraded fishing daily now giving storm jewels that function as epic gems, fishing is a great way to make gold.

4. PvP

There are a few ways to make gold in WoW SoD. Some methods require more skill than others, but they can all be profitable if you're a skilled player. One of the best ways to earn gold in WoW SoD is to farm rare world drops. These items sell well on the Auction House and are often needed for crafting high-level gear.

Another way to make gold in WoW SoD is to farm dungeons. Dungeon farming requires a high-level character and can be lucrative if done properly. However, it can also be very time-consuming.

Lastly, you can make money in wow sod gold by selling boosted experience runs. This method requires a high-level character and can yield a decent amount of gold per hour. However, it can be risky and may not be the most reliable way to make gold. Moreover, it can be hard to keep up with the demand for boosted dungeons. Therefore, it is important to find a reputable service provider.



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