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And of course on top of that, you'd likely be leaving your entire endgame social network and community behind and you'll be transferred to a server where you're not connected to anyone and you have no contacts. And that's kind of WoW Classic SoD Gold the point of an MMO is in the years that you build attachments to members of the guild is a community of players on a daily basis. Also, server transfers, specifically gratuitous server transfer to unpopulated servers, is an boring solution as I've mentioned in the past. In addition, getting some of the best gear in the pre-patch process is simple.

So , there's not much of choices available. at times, you'll have more than 13.000 players on one server. This is just for benediction if I'm sure if you were to add up all the waiting times of all the players who are waiting would probably have 30.000 40.000 players currently trying to sign in to a server of classic as they sit at their computer, waiting to play the game for which they're paying a monthly premium to play you're paying a monthly fee in order to access the game which was released 15 years ago mind you but that they can't play for an expense-saving reason that the analytic team at Blizzard come has has decided upon the right. So to me it seems quite clear that Blizzard has not increased the server's capacity since it cost money.

The majority of the time that capacity increase isn't required for fairness to Blizzard and the price therefore is not justified. However, that argument might have was a good idea in vanilla classic 3 years back. At the moment, we have a paid monthly cost. We have paid server changes We have paid collector's editions, and we've got very little time to reach the level 70, and we will be paying for faction and race changes. The least that could be done is to allow players to WoW Season of Discovery Gold pay to play the game in times of extreme hype excitement, such as now, during a pre-patches or major raid launch or forthcoming expansion.


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